XmlOnlineCatalog: On WinXP_sp2, Execute Install.sql failed because the port 80 is used.



  1. WindowsXP ENU SP2.
  2. Installed Katmai DEV 10.00.1442.08.
  3. Installed Sample 80513.


  1. Open “<% sample path %> \Engine\xml\XmlOnlineCatalog\ReadMe_OnlineProductCatalog.htm”
  2. Browse to the "Build the sample" segment and run the scripts\install.sql as per readme.


As per readme steps, sql_ProductCatalog HTTP Endpoint should be created without error.


sql_ProductCatalog HTTP Endpoint could not be created with exception:
An error occurred while attempting to register the endpoint 'sql_ProductCatalog'. One or more of the ports specified in the CREATE ENDPOINT statement may be bound to another process. Attempt the statement again with a different port or use netstat to find the application currently using the port and resolve the conflict.


  1. Port 80 is used by another process which is more likely by IIS. If you stop the IIS Admin Service, you will see that you can run CREATE ENDPOINT statement successfully.
  2. That would be better if adding some notes about it into the readme file.
  3. The same issue happened on another XML samples. Such as XmlOnlineCatalog ,XmlSurvey.
  4. Only occurred on WinXP sp2.